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Making Chill Lofi Music with GarageBand

Music has always been my happy place, and lofi is my go-to for chilling out.

Why I Like Lofi?

What’s not to love about lofi? It’s got these cool little noises like the sound of an old record or tiny crackles that just make you feel cozy. Plus, it’s easy to get into—you don’t need a bunch of fancy gear or to be a music genius.

Playing Around in GarageBand

So, I started messing around with GarageBand on my MacBook, and guess what? It was a blast! If you’ve ever used any sort of app, GarageBand feels super easy to get around. And there are so many fun sounds to pick from!


Making music is awesome!

I didn’t expect it, but making my own beats was like a mini-vacation for my brain. It’s not like my day job at all, but it’s creative in its own way. And the best part? If you make a mistake, sometimes it actually makes the music sound even cooler!

Hiccups Along the Way

OK, I hit a couple of bumps in the road. At first, I wanted to throw in every cool sound I found, but lofi is more about keeping things simple. I also had to turn off my “let’s solve this problem” mindset. Lofi’s not about following all the rules—it’s all about the feel.

So yeah, you don’t have to make things super complicated. What really matters is how the music makes you (and hopefully others!) feel. And GarageBand makes it easy to turn your feelings into tunes.

Putting My Music Out There

Finally, I got brave enough to share my beats online. I was a mix of excited and kinda nervous. But guess what? People from all sorts of places and backgrounds got into it!

Getting into lofi has been an eye-opener for me. It lets me tap into a side of myself that doesn’t always get the spotlight because of my techie day-to-day stuff. It might not be “perfect” or polished, but that’s what makes it feel real. It’s like a small reminder that even in a world full of gadgets and screens, there’s still a place for simple, honest feelings.

Published Sep 3, 2023

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