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The Japanese JLPT N1 Test

I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese culture, particularly its drama and comics, like 名探偵コナン (Detective Conan). So when I decided to take the JLPT N1 test, it was more of a personal milestone than anything else.

Preparing for the Test

Life gets busy, no doubt about it. Even so, I found pockets of time after work to focus on Japanese. Sometimes you’ve got to make room for the things that matter to you.

Using 新日檢完勝對策N1

If you’re on the N1 journey, I can’t recommend the 新日檢完勝對策N1 books enough. This 5-book set was my go-to. It gave structure to my self-study routine and covered everything I needed.


My trusty stack of study material.

Test Day

I went into the test with a different mindset; I was just there to enjoy the process. Every question felt like a puzzle piece falling into place, not like a hurdle to cross.


After getting the news that I passed, it wasn’t just about the certificate. It was about balancing a hectic life with something that genuinely brought me joy. Learning something new, especially a language as engaging as Japanese, can be a fulfilling journey in itself.

So, that’s my experience. If you’re planning to take the N1 or any other life challenge, all I can say is: sometimes the journey itself is the reward.

Published Aug 20, 2023

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