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A new page in 2022

It has been quite a while since the last time I update my blog, although I kept updating items in my Books & Movies log page. Many life changes have happened during this over one year period.

  • Got married to my lovely wife, and we’re officially settled in beautiful Singapore!
  • Landed a new job on Facebook or now Meta, and have been working for almost one year now. Surely I grew some weight as I always had too many desserts in the cafeteria.
  • Has spent most of my spare time not on coding/laptop, but enjoying hobbies and invested time learning Japanese. I took my JLPT N2 exam this June, but find it hard to keep investing in a new language without practicing speaking it.
  • COVID is almost ‘over’ in some parts of the world, but I still can’t go back home for now.

Life has been treating me fairly well, and I’m grateful for it. For the rest of 2022, I plan to read more books in paperback (reading experience still better than Kindle or iPad right?), write n(n>0) random posts about anything, and do more coding since I don’t want my new laptop to stay resting for too long.