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A new page in 2022

It has been quite a while since the last time I updated my blog, although I kept updating items in my Books & Movies log page. Many life changes have happened during this over one year period.

  • I got married to my lovely wife, and we’ve officially made our home in the beautiful city of Singapore!
  • I landed a new job at Facebook, now known as Meta, and have been working there for almost a year now. Admittedly, I’ve gained a bit of weight, courtesy of the irresistible desserts at the cafeteria.
  • Instead of spending all my spare time coding or on my laptop, I’ve been indulging in my hobbies and investing time in learning Japanese. I took my JLPT N2 exam this June. Learning a new language is challenging, especially when you don’t get to practice speaking it often.
  • While COVID is receding in some parts of the world, I still find myself unable to return home.

Despite the challenges, life has been treating me fairly well, and I’m grateful for it. Looking ahead, I have some specific plans for the rest of 2022.

  • I plan to read more books in paperback. There’s something about the tactile experience of turning pages that a Kindle or iPad just can’t replicate, right?
  • I aim to write n(n>0) random posts about a variety of topics. I believe this will not only help me share my thoughts and experiences but also improve my writing skills.
  • I intend to do more coding. After all, I don’t want my new laptop to stay idle for too long.

In conclusion, the past year has been a journey of change and growth, and I’m excited about what the rest of 2022 holds.

Published Aug 6, 2022

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